Governance: 2016 A time for introspection

As Non Profit Organisations (NPOs) continue to be held to high standards due to limited funds and increased competition, there is a need for NPOs to consider the status of their governance structures.

Due to limited funding, NPOs have to ensure compliance at all levels. Not just at operational level, but also at the level of governance. Donors are becoming more aware of how they need to ensure that the entities that they fund are run and governed by credible individuals. Donors need to be able to assure their shareholders and other stakeholders that the people they are entrusting to manage their donor funds are not credible but above reproach. The easiest way to do this is by checking who sits at the helm as CEO and also which individuals sit on the entity’s governance structure.

As NPOs get into the swing of 2016, now is a great time to reassess or consider the following:

It’s governance structures;
Whether or not the Board has clarity on its role and on its responsibilities;
Whether the Organisation is in a position to ensure that it capacitates its Board members where skills and expertise may be laking; and
Whether the organisation is able to carry out an evaluation of the organisation and more particularly the Boards effectiveness.


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