The need for evaluation & introspection

board evaluation

In order for Boards to be sustainable and effective, it is necessary that they under go regular evaluations to ensure that they remain ever evolving and accountable. Such evaluations may take various forms, for instance ignorer to ensure that the Board retains the necessary skills it requires or in order for it to determine the need for further training and Board capacitation, a skills audit may form a necessary part of the evaluation.

In order for the evaluation to be effective, the Board may also choose to include an annual assessment of its objectives.  This allows the Board to also take the necessary steps to sustain or improve on its performance and effectiveness.

Any recommendations emanating from the Board evaluation should be seen as a means of improving performance.  Boards should actively strive to implement these recommendations and to integrate them into their operations such as when they seek to co-opt skilled Board members to bolster the Board, or when they decide to implement succession plans.

Board evaluations should be seen as worthwhile and providing members an opportunity to self introspect on how they can be more effective and how they can better support the efforts of the collective.


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